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Advantages of delivery of goods through the ports of the Far East

Economic Advantages

We deliver the goods only through the ports of the Far East and we carry out the customs clearance in the same place. The ports of Primorsky Krai are our unique competitive advantage.

  • The distance of dispatch by sea is short and extends along the coastline. It takes 4-7 days for us to transport cargoes from Shanghai to Vladivostok in all weather conditions. This increases the turnover of finances.
  • The cargo price is not changed at the customs. All instructions to the customs take effect after 10-14 days, the transportation of our cargo takes 4-7 days, so its original price remains unchanged. In case of force majeure, TRAMIS assumes the entire responsibility. We guarantee that the price of your cargo will remain the one we have agreed upon. Knowing the price, you have the option to sell the goods "on wheels".
  • Our own lines in the train schedule. It is not a secret that the train station of Vladivostok is surrounded by the sea on three sides. It turns in the summer into a dead end, where a huge amount of cargoes is accumulated. We solved this problem - we send every week our own railway rolling stock from the Pervaya Rechka station or Ussuriysk to the Kozhukhovo or Ramenskoye stations near Moscow. We relocated the logistics operations outside the problematic part of Vladivostok and ensured the delivery of your cargo in time, at any time of the year.

  • The total period of cargo delivery en route "Shanghai - Moscow" is 35 days. This increases the turnover of finances.

Strategic Advantages

  • While being transported across the territory of Russia, the cargo is controlled and governed by the laws of the Russian Federation.
  • Russia is actively developing the Far East region, preparing a modern and convenient platform for the cooperation with the Asia-Pacific countries. Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Nakhodka become attractive not only for the Russian business, but also for foreign investors. The logistics from the Asia-Pacific countries is given special attention. It has provided tremendous benefits of working in the Far East region: the loyalty of the government, the customs, the railway administration to the companies developing the region.

  • The Russian government supports the development of transportation by rail. For the vast country, the railway is of paramount importance. However, it is not possible to transport the goods by rail evenly throughout the year. Harsh climatic conditions are the reason for stopping the traffic in the winter for many types of cargo (bulk, tanker, etc.). 70% of goods are transported during the summer. It is economically disadvantageous for the Russian Railways. Winter is the downtime and the time of losses for the railway companies, while summer is the period of congestion and schedule delays for many trains. Container transportation is an ideal solution for the problems of the Russian Railways. It affects the year-round utilization of the railway, and, consequently, improves the economic performance. Therefore, it is profitable for the State and the Russian Railways that the cargoes are transported through the ports of the Far East, and then by rail across the country. It is profitable for the owner of the cargo - while being transported across the territory of Russia, the cargo is controlled and governed by the laws of the Russian Federation.