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Reputation of the company
Transparent prices

Open method of price formation. You always know for what and how much you pay.
TRAMIS offers two pricing methods.
* Standard package of TRAMIS services - includes services for the transportation and delivery of cargo without considering the risks and force majeure. The price in this case is the most minimal and highly competitive in the logistics market.
TRAMIS has the methods to resolve almost any force majeure situations. If any of these or other risks occur, you can make use of TRAMIS services for an additional fee.
* Advanced package of TRAMIS services - includes all possible risks. The price will be higher than in the standard package; however, in the event of force majeure, we assume the entire responsibility. TRAMIS guarantees that your cargo will be delivered in time for the originally specified price.
The standard and advanced packages of services ensure the best price in the market. In the first case, it is the lowest one, while in the second case, the price is higher, but you can not worry about anything and sell the goods "on wheels" as the price will not change under any circumstances.

Strict compliance with deadlines
  • We meet the deadlines due to:
  • Alternative solutions of cargo terminal handling
  • Dedicated railway lines
  • Relocation of logistics operations outside the problem areas
  • Highly professional staff
  • TRAMIS is responsible for the missed deadlines
  • Online program controls the delivery schedule and aligns the cargo traffic
Cargo safety at all stages
  • Cargo safety is achieved by the following methods:
  • Cargo insurance
  • TRAMIS is entirely responsible for the cargo
  • Use of "Antitheft" system when mounting containers on the rail transport
  • Independent formation of railway rolling stock with TRAMIS containers
  • Security in transit
  • Control of inspection at customs operations
  • Surveyor services at all stages of cargo transportation
  • Advising on package, storage, placement and transportation of cargo
A team of professionals
  • Professional education of employees
  • Employees' experience and skills. All employees are figuratively divided into two groups: those who joined TRAMIS from the field of military logistics, and those who have the experience in working with transportation (sea, rail-way, road)
  • Non-stop training within the company together with the involvement of outside experts
  • High level of corporate business standards and adherence to company policies
  • Compliance with TRAMIS services standards
  • Highest level of discipline among employees. It is achieved due to the control by the the online program that cannot be deceived.
Transparency of operations and documents
  • The scheme of our work is simple and clear
  • Advising on any issue of logistics, accounting and legal services
  • Provision of all documents in an unchanged original form: cargo customs declarations, invoices, etc.
  • Easy access to all offices and divisions of TRAMIS for our customers and inspection bodies
  • Highest level of discipline in the company
  • Control of all stages of cargo transportation directly by TRAMIS representatives
  • Online control on the part of a customer using MyTRAMIS program
Unique scheme of cargo delivery
  • Payment for the cargo 3-5 days prior to its delivery to your warehouse
  • Online program that aligns the cargo traffic and is the guarantor of cargo delivery on time
  • The customer controls every stage of transportation using MyTRAMIS online program
Innovative solutions

We have developed a unique, one-of-a-kind program. Using it, you can track and trace on-line the progress of your shipment 24/7. The program enables to compensate for the possible loss of time. Should the delays in cargo delivery occur for any reasons beyond our control - the program generates a warning about it, and controls the further cargo movement. Now, with the help of MyTramis program, your business will become much more efficient.

Reputation of the company

Logistics for us is a matter of honor. Our business and human responsibility, as well as the implementation of all arrangements and promises are in the first place for us.

Our aim is not just to be a leader in the field of logistics services. We can change the quality of the whole industry due to our attitude to the business, setting the example. Logistics must be simple and effective and work for the benefit of your company. We do this as we speak.

  • TRAMIS is not simply one of the most modern and high-tech companies, it is a new stage of relations in logistics.